08 marzo, 2011

March 8

Today was an average day, I woke up at 6:30 AM and had my fantastic lunch, 2 scrambled eggs and an apple, oats, almonds and milk shake :), proteins for the muscles.

I wore my grey jeans and my grey T-shirt with my white converse and went to college, I had two exames today, sensors and dimentional elements, I just stuided for the sensors one because the other one its an easy class and the proffesor doesn't like giving classes at all so his exams are eay. The answers were all in order and the conversions were easy.

After that I stayed at the college's gym with some friends just to get kicked out becuase the janitor was leaving and he could'nt let the Gym open.

I took the public transport to get home, there was a young couple starting at some kids, nothing interesting, the guy had some marks on his neck..

Once at my house I just helped my dad to fix a car and eat some tacos :).

How was your day ?

5 comentarios:

  1. My day has just been relaxing before work so far. Then off to work in about an hour.

  2. my day? no school so i did nothing all day :D