10 marzo, 2011

March 10

Hi people, I had a hard test today, hard because I didn't really studied at all, I guess I could have gotten a different result but since it was the last test, I didn't care, Also I was tired the day before :/,

on the other hand, we did chest and triceps today at the gym and I could complete all of my sets, Im trying to see my abs so I'm on a diet but my friends wanted to go eat Enchiladas (mexican food) so we went there and I finished up eating 5 enchiladas and 1 soda pop, byebye diet :(.

How was your day ?

4 comentarios:

  1. same problem for me. had a quiz i was just too lazy to study for. didnt do so well i think.

  2. I did OK on my tests if anything because i had nothing else to do but study.

  3. Couple days late I am, but my mid-terms are done and am enjoying spring break :)

  4. Ah, enchiladas sounds really good now.